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Bangladesh Cricket News

Bangladesh cricket news is very popular now a days. This news is interesting not only Bangladesh but also all over the cricket world. Recently, Bangladesh has acquired outstanding success in the field of T20 and on day cricket status. There is nothing to say in the Test Cricket status. After words, Bangladesh cricket has acquired in the high position in the world cricket in the recent year.

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Already, we have come to know that in the year of 2015 to 2016 are the golden eras of Bangladesh cricket. Most of the winning matches are held in these years. And Bangladesh has got the high position in two statuses such as one day and T20 cricket.   

Bangladesh Cricket Board

Bangladesh cricket news is updating day by day. We know that every country has a specific board. There is no unique matter for Bangladesh, it has a cricket board. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) controls the all Bangladeshi crickets’ tournaments like national leagues and international leagues. It has a nick powerful name of Bangladesh cricket team known as “The Tigers”.

Bangladesh is the full part of the international Cricket Council (ICC) with both Test cricket and One Day. At first, Bangladesh played the Test match against the India at Dhaka in the year of 2000. And now Bangladesh is the tenth Test Cricket playing country of the member of International Cricket Council.

One Day Cricket of Bangladesh


Bangladesh cricket news is depending on its well-playing matches. It was the memorable history of the Bangladesh cricket team and Bangladeshi people. It was the outstanding cricket match of Bangladesh in Malaysia in the year of 1997. It was the first winning trophy for Bangladesh. From this year, Bangladesh becomes the permanent member of playing the One Day internationals cricket match. In this year 1997, we won the Sixth ICC trophy in Malaysia. 

Test Cricket of Bangladesh

In 2000 on 26 June is the read latter-day for Bangladesh test cricket. In this day, we had got the honor of test playing country rank. Why ICC gave it to Bangladesh? There is a just incident before this honor. I think you know in the year of 2000 Bangladesh took part in the 7th one day cricket world cup in England. And in the group match, Pakistan had lost to Bangladesh. This match is the significant history to earn Test Cricket playing ranking. So in that year, we are the permanent member of ICC Test Cricket playing country.

Recently Cricket Condition of Bangladesh


Really, we have the great Bangladesh cricket news in recent days. Already you have come to know that we have won many matches against the very powerful team in the cricket world. And this performance has given us high status in the cricket world. In the years of 2015-16 are the Golden days for the Bangladesh cricket. We have defeated some countries such as New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa and Pakistan. 

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At the end of this discussion, we can express that Bangladesh cricket news is great of the recent time. And it will be fuller fill to do the good performance in the cricket world.   

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