Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bangla Waz Motiur Rahman Madani Mp3

Bangla Waz Motiur Rahman Madani is very famous religious ritual for the Muslims of Bangladesh. At this moment, it is not only religious matter of Bangladesh. It has also traditional racing for them who wait for the Waz Mahafil season. There are many seasons in our country but we need a special season for vast Bangla Waz Motiur Rahman Madani 2017 and slit Zikir.

When arrange Bangla Waz Motiur Rahman Madani ?

We know that winter season is the most important for our ritual. And this system comes since hundreds of years until up-to date. In winter season, the common people involve strong competing for having best orator so that they can get better speech according to the Quran and Sohi-Hadis. There are many good speakers in our country that provides religious speech, Motiur Rahman Madani one of them.
Early life of Motiur Rahman Madani

Motiur Rahman Madani was a very genius boy from his childhood. He was born at Malda West Bengal in India in the year of 1967. His father Abdul Hakeem was also a religious person. He knows various languages such as Bangla, Hindi, Arabic and Urdu. But most of the time he provides his religious speech in Bangla language.

Education Qualification of Motiur Rahman Madani

His education qualification is very bright. He acquires secondary diploma degree from Islaul Muslimeen Madarasa Bhadu in Malda West Bengal. And he completes his all education from Islamic University of Medina Monawwaral. After completing his education, he spreads Islam through Bangla Waz Motiur Rahman Madani 2017. You Can Download Habibur Rahman Juktibadi Bangla Waz free.

Why Bangladeshi people choose Bangla Waz  Motiur Rahman Madani 2016?

It is very simple that he is a clear cut Islamic Religion speaker for Bengali. He speaks according to the Al-Quran and Hadis.This is the reason of variation of his speech. He preaches real Islamic rule and regulation among the Muslims people in the world. He doesn’t provide sweet religious speech to the general people but logical. He discusses through the Muslims about Eman and Amol.

Why people like Bangla waz Mahafil?

Bangla Waz Motiur Rahman Madani 2017 mix with our blood and born. We can’t pass any year without Bbangla Waz Mahafil. When winter season comes in your country then we make vast Waz Mahafil in our locality. We can get the blessing of Almighty Allah. Bangla waz Motiur Rahman Madani 2016 is very remarkable because he speakes against the Shirik and Badad which are the main reason of distorting Islam. He cites from the Holly Quran and explains the root thing of holly Islam. He also provides most important Islamic Fotuya which is the very essential for the modern Muslims. 

As a Writer Motiur Rahman Madani

He has written various Islamic Books for the Muslim Ummha. Many Islamic Books have been translated by the Mofti Motiur Rahman Madani Borkatullha.

At the end of this atricleI can say that there are many Alam in our country, Motiur Rahman Madani is the best scholar one of them.He provides Islamic Bangla waz mahafil. You can have many videos and audios with bangla Waz Motiur Rahaman Madani 2017.
Location: Bangladesh