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Bangali Canender 2016 This time around, Kurigramblog.Com is additionally offering you the govt calendar 2016 of bangladesh with govt holiday and celebration 2016 in bangladesh. With some luck, it is absolutely extremely helpful to almost all of you.

Bengali Calendar 2016 for Bangladesh. Bangladesh includes fifteen national holidays, according to about three different calendars: Gregorian, Islamic, and additionally Bengali calendars. Public holidays in Bangladesh bring eighteen days of the every 12 month.

Bangla calendar 2016

Bangla calendar 2016 bangladesh download

theoretically the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a location in Southwest Asian countries. Islam is the most significant and major religious beliefs of here, reaching 87.5% of people in general. If you happen to be from Bangladesh, so now More than likely you most likely are in search of 2016 Holiday Calendar with the inclusion of all of the Public Holidays, Financial organization Holidays, Government Holidays, School, college and University Holidays and Festivals in Bangladesh in year of 2016. Bangladesh Government definite this general public vacation day First month of 2016 in a conference. This Government holidays Work schedule 2016 are going to be suggested for everyone general population, semi government organizations, non government organizations and simply other Personal Job Sector. For your own requirement of a latest yr holidays work schedule, we are now offering you that. Bangladesh govt released a bangla holidays calendar for 2016. You can look the vacation checklist in 2016 in this public holidays work schedule. Determined by the authorized details of people holidays 2016, at this time now there is definitely fourteen public holidays. In addition to that, there are one more 8 holiday season, which would definitely be identified on more luxurious demand from the govt of Bangladesh. 

Bengali Calendar 2016 Published for General People

Bangladesh Government Holiday season 2016 include fourteen basic holiday season which usually consist of several weekly vacation: 2 Fridays and the 2 Saturdays. although out of the eight holiday seasons by more luxurious demand of the govt, furthermore there is definitely no weekly vacation. Besides the twenty two days and nights of Bangladesh govt hollyday 2016, there will in addition be three day non-obligatory holidays for different faith based organizations of the entire world. bengali calendar 2016 full Jpg download Calendar 2016 with holidays of Bangladesh: govt holiday list 2016. all of your complete basis of Bangladesh 2016 public holidays shareable because a total national checklist. As a result get pleasure.........

Public holidays
Date of 2016 Year
New Year’s Day (নতুন বছর)
1 Jan
Shahid Day Bangladesh (শহীদ দিবস)
21 Feb
National Day Bangladesh (জাতীয় দিবস)
26 Mar
Bengali New Year’s Day (পহেলা বৈশাখ)
14 Apr
Labour Day (শ্রমিক দিবস)
1 May
Shab-e-Barat (শব ই বরাত)
3 Jun
Ramadan (পবিত্র মাহে রমযান)
6 Jun
Jumatul Wida (জুমাতুল বিদা)
1 Jul
Laylat al Qadr (লাইলাতুল ক্বদর)
3 Jul
Eid ul Fitr (ঈদ উল ফিতর)
5 Jul
Eid ul Adha (ঈদ উল আযহা)
11 Sep
Eid-e-Miladun Nabi (ঈদ ই মিলাদুন্নবী)
12 Dec 2016
Victory Day Bangladesh (স্বাধীনতা দিবস)
16 Dec 2016
Christmas Day (ক্রিষ্টমাষ্ট ডে)
25 Dec 2016

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